Causes of no signal in BMW cars

BMW No Signal

Causes of no signal in BMW cars

  1. The BMW multimedia computer fails and cannot output signals;
  2. Cable failure of screen and multimedia computer;
  3. The internal failure of the screen; if the screen is well connected to the multimedia computer, even if the multimedia computer is not started, “NO SIGNAL” will appear after the screen power supply works normally, and it will appear only when the screen connection fails.
  4. BMW system problems;

Three, solution steps and methods

  1. Restart the multimedia computer system, press and hold the volume knob and keep it for 20S;
  2. To upgrade the system, you can go to the 4S shop to upgrade, and also open the webpage, enter VIN, download the same file of the vehicle model, copy it to the USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive to the car, and set the software.
  3. Check the related lines and make sure it is not caused by loose or poor contact;
  4. None of the above can solve the hardware problem that should be the screen or multimedia host.

5.You can also use BMW ISTA diagnostic software to detect BMW car failures and find the cause.

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