SmartBimmer for BMW NBT EVO

FSC Generation, Regional System Convert, Apple CarPlay Activation, Full-screen CarPlay, Android Screen Mirroring, VIM unlock, Coding Fix, USB Coding scripts, SSH Port System debug, etc.
SmartBimmer Enet WiFi Adapter
SmartBimmer Enet WiFi Adapter

Bimmer Master Tool

The SmartBimmer Master tool will allow you to generate FSC packs, map codes, USB coding, and Enet Cable coding without any limitation.

Client Installer

All BMW Car Owners are easy to figure out how to work with the SmartBimmer installer client version in 10 seconds by clicking "Identify" - "Search" - "Start"

SmartBimmer Master Tools
SmartBimmer Master Tools

Enet WiFi Adapter

The best and fastest Enet WiFi adapter to work with BMW Mobile Apps, This adapter is 10x faster than a standard K DCAN cable.

Bimmer Apps

SmartBimmer Apps work via a mobile version by click and play with a smooth network, all scripts will be working automatically.

SmartBimmer Feature Installer
SmartBimmer Feature Installer

Smart Enet Coding

Both USB coding and Enet Cable Coding will be done automatically plug and play or click and play.

USB OBD2 Coding

USB Coding with self-running coding scripts, plug the USB drive to the armrest USB port, and all done.

Master Slave Tool

The SmartBimmer Master tool and client tool are all users friendly for BMW technics and Bimmers.

Keep Upgrading

We are always keeping the SmartBimmer tool upgraded to work with specific NBT EVO MGU HU systems.

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