BMW ISTA AIR & AOS Online Training – Technical Topics


This e-learning and how to training includes bite-sized video tutorials of how-to use the BMW dealer diagnostics.

The e-learning runs on phones and tablets, so you can run it at the same time you are using ISTA.

This course has been designed by a ex-dealer BMW expert to be used by automotive technicians and automotive technical professionals.

It will help you when you get stuck.

It will develop your knowledge of how-to on BMW vehicles.

Also includes optional interactive knowledge quizzes, which can help you train your team.

There is a certification of completion when all the quizzes are complete. Put this up in your workplace to show your customers you are a BMW ISTA pro.

* PLEASE NOTE: The course content is subject to change depending on updates and changes invoked by BMW Europe to their portal, software, hardware or applications. We reserve the right to alter to content to suit the current BMW aftermarket offer. We make our best endeavours to update the e-learning content as soon as possible after updates are released, however, there may be a several weeks between the changes being made, and the e-learning reflecting the changes.


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