Coding Programming Expert for BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi Porsche Land Rover

AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY has been supporting the OEM level of ECU diagnostic, coding, and programming since 2004, with all the genuine OEM factory tools we supplied for European cars, we are always supportive and keep sharing our professional experience with our partners. we have trained BMW Esys and Mercedes Vediano and DIMSport Race EVO engineers of 5000+ people since 2015, as well as thousands of OEM retrofit, upgrade cases on BMW Mercedes Porsche and Land Rover. We are serving 20000+ workshops in the great China area. meanwhile, we develop and manufacture Unichip Smart auto Solutions products which are all USB, OBD2, or plug-and-play-based OEM proxy solutions.  

What is Genuine OEM Diagnostic Tool?

Aside from the raw analysis step, it also involves database and data management aspects, data pre-processing, model and inference considerations, interestingness metrics, complexity considerations, post-processing of discovered structures, visualization, and online updating.

Genuine Original Factory Tool

We supply OEM Genuine diagnostic tools only for our customers, should you be interested in lias with us for the cheaper cloned tools, sorry to say that'll NOT be our involvement. 

Factory Dealer Level Support

We support our members with OEM level remotely technical support with our expert experience and professionalism in our daily operations.

OEM Diagnostic Tool
OEM Diagnostic Tool

Keep Upgrading to the Latest

We are keep upgrading our OEM diagnostic tools to the latest for our customers as per dealership monthly or quarterly. So you have no chance to disappoint your customers with the latest car models service support.

Investment Value Maintain

The advantage of utilizing OEM diagnostic tools is always the best way to maintain your investment in the tools valuable.

What is Porsche PPN Login Online?

With Porsche PPN online login support from us, you can easily programme your brand new / 2nd hand ECU modules, unlock component with immobiliser, front-end, rear-end programming, VTS module disable, Porsche OEM retrofitting coding programming support like 360 surround-view camera, night view camera, ACC pro, Burmester High-end Audio system, Auto Sport Spoiler, CarPlay Androidauto activation, Full-screen CarPlay etc.

7 / 24 Members Technical Support

With your original OEM PT3G VCI and PIWIS 3 system, we are always flexible to remotely support you via Teamviewer.

OEM PT3G VCI Support Only

Our PPN login online support will be working with Porsche PT3G VCI kit only, not with VAS6154a exchanged firmware, and never with cloned tools.

Porsche PPN Login Online
Porsche PPN Login Online

Porsche Full Series Online Support

We support Porsche's full series pinpoint diagnostic, coding, and programming remotely. What you needed to prepare are the genuine tool and TeamViewer ID password and a smooth faster network.

We support our partners with an SD card online upgrade of the latest Porsche PIWIS 3 system without shipping back the Panasonic CF54 nor exchange system hard disk.

Lead Behavior Analysis

Europe has rather strong privacy laws, and efforts are underway to further strengthen the rights of the consumers.

Fast Report Export

The European Commission facilitated stakeholder discussion on text and data mining in 2013, under the title of Licences for Europe.

Organize Sales Pipelines

Data may also be modified so as to become anonymous, so that individuals may not readily be identified.

Live Data Import

The inadvertent revelation of personally identifiable information leading to the provider violates Fair Information Practices.

What is SmartBimmer Master Tool?

With the SmartBimmer master tool, you can basically handle all the BMW engineering coding or functional SWT jobs. You do NOT need to have the comprehensive professional knowledge to know how for BMW coding, we will help you to make everything simple enough to handle, either via USB or OBD2 plug and play. A couple of jobs which are very commonly used: Video in motion, Screen mirroring, BMW Apps, Apple Carplay, Carplay Fullscreen, 
Satellite radio, and global kinds of FSC pack generation, etc.

2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, compatible, Support IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u, WiFi Client/AP/Router Mode, Support WPS/WDS  The range of baud rate: 1200~500000bps

Support ALL Popular Bimmer Mobile Apps

The SmartBimmer Enet Wifi adapter works with SmartBimmer, BMWAiCoder, BimmerCode, BimmerLink, MHD, THOR, Xdelete, xHP, Protools, MG Flasher, SmartBimmer, etc.

Enet WiFi Adapter
Enet WiFi Adapter

BMW F G I Diagnostic Coding Programming

The wireless adapter allows you to reliably use all popular App features on the go, faster and easier than ever before. Just plug it into the OBDII port, pair your mobile device to the Wifi access point created by the adapter, and you can flash, log, read codes, etc. instantly - no cable needed anymore.

Keep Upgrading Firmware & More

We keep upgrading our firmware to make it perfectly work with the BMW F G I series, Support multiple network protocols:
PPPOE/TCP/UDP/DNS/DHCP/DNS/HTTP/Firewire, Support AT+ instruction set

ECU Chip Tuning Expert

We have been working with Italy DIMSport since 2015 on the ECU chip tuning business, we have been deeply involved with New Trasdata, New Genius, Race EVO tuning software training, and dyno tuning.

DIMSport Products

All the tools developed by Dimsport are available in both master and slave configuration. The vehicle range supported includes CARBIKELCV (light commercial vehicles), TRUCK (heavy-duty trucks), AGRI (tractors and agricultural vehicles), and MARINE; the widest offer in the tuning market thanks to Dimsport branches, R&D centers, and commercial partners all over the world.

Dynorace A2CTION

The bench testing experience is completed with the display and export of data in the interface of our software with an integrated vehicle database. The new Dynoplus (currently available only for Dynorace A2CTION), which enables the tuner to carry out even more “realistic” tests, was added to the tried-and-tested Dynorace platform, which allows data to be analyzed and compared via OBDII. Complete your bench measurement activities with our platforms, designed and built on the basis of extensive experience in the field of automotive electronics.

DIMSport ECU Tuning
DIMSport ECU Tuning

DIMSport Dynamometers

Dyno products are diagnostic tools crucial for testing the performance of cars, bikes, heavy-duty, and agricultural vehicles in the safest way. They are currently supplied to many different users: technical centers for test and certification, repair shops and garages, engine tuning centers and race teams, R&D centers, high schools and Universities, transport ministerial authorities, vehicle manufacturers.

DIMSport Training

We have arranged 16 times DIMSport training basic, advanced, or update, together with a Dimsport expert! The complete chip-tuning platform.
Through practical simulations with the use of New Genius, New Trasdata, and the remapping software Race EVO, the customer will learn the basics and skills to become a professional tuner.

Mercedes Diagnosis KIT 4
Mercedes Diagnosis KIT 4

Mercedes Diagnosis KIT 4 Xentry SCN Online

Official Mercedes OEM Original Kit for Independent Workshops Diagnosis Coding Programming with online upgrades always to the latest.