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Activate hidden features in IDrive 6 with fully functional with Lifetime activation of BMW Apple CarPlay and Android mirroring with latest BMW Road Maps for BMW cars after 07/2016

 What do you get?

  • IDrive 6 / 5
  • Apple CarPlay Full Screen – Android Mirroring Center Screen
  • Lifetime Road Map License 
  • Sirius (If supported in your country)
  • M Laptimer
  • Video in Motion

How to confirm if you are eligible?
Main menu --> Navigation --> Settings --> Options --> Position & Version --> Select Version Information

Road Map “Europe/Northern Africa/Middle East/North America/etc” EVO = NBT EVO Head Unit
If you have NBTevo_N or later letter, then you are eligible straight ahead
If you have NBTevo_G (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) letters, then you are eligible from this link
If you have NBTevo_M (H,I,J,K,L,M) letters, then you are eligible from here

How long does it take?
 10 minutes

What do you need to do?
Send your VIN in payment note
Enet Cable / ICOM
Windows  PC
Internet Connection
Install Wifi Antenna OEM or Aftermarket if your car don’t have one
Download Procedures from here – MEGA LINK


50% DISCOUNT AFTER 5th purchase

Contact us on WhatsApp after purchase.

1716215701 169 ID6
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