BMW ISTA version 4.30 – New content for repair instructions

BMW ISTA version 4.30 – New content for repair instructions

BMW ISTA need BMW ICOM NEXT connect BMW car

BMW ISTA 4.30.14 EN 02

Repair instructions
The new publication has essentially been supplemented by the following Repair Instructions:

  • BMW: G01 LCI in large part complete
  • BMW: G02 LCI in large part complete
  • BMW: G26 largely complete
  • BMW: G42 partly
  • BMW: G83 largely complete
  • BMW: i20 largely complete

The messages regarding the repair instructions, technical data, tightening torque and
operating supplies via diagnosis system were taken into consideration and additions were
made, if applicable.
Thank you for your suggestions and participation!
Technical data and tightening torques
The technical data and tightening torques have also been supplemented for the above work.
Service Information bulletins
All current service information bulletins, up to and including 20/05/2021, have been newly
Service information operating fluids
The operating fluid lists have been revised and updated.
Service Information Engineering

BMW ISTA 4.30.14 EN 100

BMW ISTA 4.30.14 EN 101

BMW ISTA 4.30.14 EN 102

BMW ISTA 4.30.14 EN 103

Select 鈥淎ftersales鈥?/p>

Select 鈥淩etailer Equipment Catalogue鈥?/p>

Select 鈥淲E鈥?/p>

Select 鈥淏MW WE鈥?/p>

Select 鈥淲heel alignment鈥?/p>

Select 鈥淜DS nominal values鈥?/p>

e.g. Select 鈥淏eissbarth KDS update鈥? copy data

We recommend that the data records are updated on a regular basis.

Contact your sales company if you do not have access to the portal listed.

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