Audi TT Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Activation MY2016-2018 via USB Flasher

Suggested Price: $299.00

Enabling service for Audi TT HU head units’ factory Apple Carplay and AndroidAuto Activation, and in case you already have Audi Apple CarPlay, you only need to activate the Audi Android auto alone, Audi TT 2016-2018 will be supported.


You’re Buying our USB Flasher toolkit and activation service for 1 car.

Enabling service for Audi TT HU head units’ factory Apple Carplay and AndroidAuto Activation * 1pc

In case you already have Audi Apple CarPlay, you only need to activate the Audi Android auto alone, Yes We Can.

Audi TT 2016-2018 will be supported.

How to check out the Audi TT “system version information”?

Video demo of the Audi TT Android Auto activated

The process to activate TT Apple CarPlay and Android auto with the USB Flasher tool
1. A windows based system with team viewer installed
2. Good internet speed
3. Follow the Activation Procedure setup manual
4. Connect the USB flasher tool USB port to the car armrest USB port and
Connect RJ45 Internet cable to your laptop & the USB flasher tool RJ45 Port

Note: Before activating the car features, please send us a picture of the system
the firmware version for double confirmation in any circumstances we support
global market Audi TT with Head Unit MIB and the system version
MHI2_ER_AUG43x_Pxxx, we activate the Apple CarPlay & Android Auto by the
Unichip USB Flasher. In Case you have no ideas on how to set up
the procedures from the laptop side, please don’t hesitate to send us a team viewer
ID PW for remotely setup support. The whole process will be around
1015mins Job DONE. EnjoyWelcome for global distributors to join with this USB
plug-and-play project. any queries please shoot the Unichip Smart auto Solutions’ technical team.

it's pretty elegant. Very OEM, very clean. As an earlier post mentioned, I've seen one little glitch (the blurry text on one since icon on the home screen) - but that's super minor. aka it's really clean and works great --- including integration into factory mic. More details from 718 Forum

  1. USB Flasher kit or USB Lan adapter from D-link DUB e100 or J5CREATE JUE130
  2. A windows based laptop. If you have a decent technology background (e.g. strong windows networking skills), then it's a pretty easy install. If you have no idea what a subnet mask is or how to config a VPN connection, in case you have few ideas on how to set up the system, feel free to send to us the team viewer, we will set it up remotely.

No worry, we will recommend you to buy 2pcs of each below which we are sure they will be compatible working with your car end.

  • Unichip USB Flasher or
  • USB Lan adapter from D-link DUB e100 or

  • Order the kit from Unichip (using the link above). It includes a USB NIC and an SD card with config patch files. It arrived from Hong Kong in about 1 week.
  • Find a Windows laptop and download/install TeamViewer (it's free desktop sharing / remote control software)
  • Put the SD Card with the config files into the car's SD Card Slot (the slot on the left)
  • Turn on the car (Engine on key position)
  • Connect the laptop to two separate network connections: (1) your regular connection to the internet, and (2) a wired Ethernet connection to your car, via the USB port in the car (see photo below)
  • Make sure your laptop has an ethernet link to the car (IP address is the stereo's PCM4.0 IP address)
  • Install Unichip's port forwarder software on your laptop and enable the port forwarding with a green status
  • Shut off windows firewall and antivirus software on your laptop
  • Use WhatsApp to communicate in real-time with the Unichip Engineer +8618823344857
  • UniChip's tech logs onto your PC via TeamViewer to check/verify the config of your laptop (that's all that Teamviewer is used for)
  • Connect to Unichip's VPN
  • Launch the port forwarder software on the laptop
  • Sit back for 15 minutes which Unichip's Engineer changes the config of the software on your stereo. While this is happening, you're basically flying blind (other than watching the byte count on the VPN status)
  • Stereo reboots and Android Auto is enabled
  • Unplug the laptop from your car
  • Plug your phone into the USB port - and smile as Android Auto launches!

Normally 10-15mins if the laptop all set up.

We are located in Hong Kong / China time zone.
We will support the activating Mon-Sat 9 am-9 pm, in case of other time zone required, please book with us beforehand.

Yes, we can.

we support the global market ALL PCM4.0 head units CarPlay and Android Auto activation via USB.

Yes for sure it is safe and secure compare with a hardware add-on (like NaviPlus or KAP trader). This is not a full-blown Android computer (like ROIK).

Yes if the PCM4.0 navigation system firmware has been programmed by the dealer diagnostic tool, the Carplay, and Android Auto activated will be restored to factory status.
But no worry, we will connect to your car and re-activate for you for free within 1 year.

  • For Android Auto, there's one little glitch (the blurry text on one since icon on the home screen) - but that's super minor. aka it's really clean and works great --- including integration into factory mic.
  • For Apple CarPlay it's perfectly enabled like OEM.

Nope, it will be a wired connection, but you can choose to add our UC2A or U2W USB dongle as an option.


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