Mercedes AMG Menu Activation for IC W222 Analog Instrument Cluster

Suggested Price: $99.00

Mercedes AMG Menu Activation for Instrument Cluster Digital Cluster W222 MY2018-2020


Mercedes AMG Menu Activation for Instrument Cluster W222 MY2015-2018, also these cars will come with this Analog Instrument Cluster W205, X253, V250

How to process?

  1.  Mercedes VCI like C4 SD Connect, C5, C6, Ecom
    or EDIC device like 5054a or Openport2.0
  2. Windows laptop, we will assist you to set up the system remotely via TeamViewer if there’s a need
  3. Payment for the coding feature
  4. Click and Play, Job Done with a smooth network speed

For analog clusters
– On very rare occasions, people have reported that the ability to select E driving mode is no longer possible. If you see this, please ask the client if he wants to stay like this, otherwise, the only option is to restore back to the original status which means is the non-AMG menu.

You’re welcomed to send us your VIN for double verification before you order this service.


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