Tesla Toolbox Diagnostic Standalone Offline System Toolbox2.0

Suggested Price: $6500.00


Tesla Toolbox Diagnostic Standalone Offline System
The equipment with 2nd hand Panasonic CF54 laptop. Deliverred with Courier (3 to 5 days).
Optional for remote installation on your own laptop via Teamviewer (server-based system).

The Tesla Toolbox Diagnostic Standalone Offline System is Unlimited uses.
You will need to purchase a Tesla service cable which is around 45 USD. You can get it from us or buy it online yourself Infomation to upgrade and downgrade firmware. No rooting requires.

Service your car or diagnose intermittent issues that your service center can’t track down. This software allows you to connect to the Model S or Model X service port and access maintenance features like firmware redeploy (used when swapping most parts), read and clear DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes), run Autopilot camera and radar calibration, read thermals stats on the drivetrain, charger, and A/C system (including drain and fill procedures), airbag configuration, and configuring body controls.
Optional for new model 3 and model Y with Toolbox3.0 online system-based support.

Toolbox is not guaranteed to work with salvage cars, the cable is compatible but it cannot solves hardware problems like reset airbags unless they have been replaced.


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