Steering Lock J518 Repair Kit 4F0905852 for Audi A6 C6 Q7 2004-2009

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Access Start Authorization Steering Lock Module J518 Repair Kit 4F0905852 for Audi A6 C6 Q7 2004-2009

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Audi Start / Stop Authorization Steering Lock J518 Replacement Kit for Audi OEM Part No. 4F0905852H

The Access Start Authorization Module is part of the steering column assembly and houses the brain of the immobilizer system as well as moving components for locking and unlocking the steering column. Once the steering is unlocked, it triggers ignition on the sequence and starts the vehicle.

Module failure is a common problem in Audi 2005-2011 A6/S6 and 2007-2015 Q7 model vehicles. Module problem is typically identified by no response from the key in the ignition, or proximity access (Start button). The Start / Stop Authorization Module (along with the Electronic Ignition Switch) is responsible for key/transponder recognition, unlocking/locking of the steering wheel, and power up all modules in the vehicle. If there is a problem related to any of the lock module moving/wear components (actuator motor, sensing micro switches, relay) or the integrated Immobilizer system Microprocessor/PCB, the module will not power relays to enable ignition on or engine start. Wear and tear component-related failure will store a Fault DTC “00288 – Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) – Defective”.

By dealer standard, the Module itself can’t be purchased separately, which means that the dealer will want to replace the entire steering column along with the Start / Stop Authorization Steering Lock Module.
The dealer cost to replace is roughly $1600-1800 (depending on manual vs electric height adjustment) for parts and $1000+ labor, including the need for Immobilizer coding with Audi online servers.

Please let us know if you have diagnosed the module with another problem/fault (outside of the typical wear related fault resulting in “288″ – Steering Lock Defective Fault code) :
* module has previously been opened, tampered or repair attempt carried out
* module (internal PCB) is physically or water damaged
* vehicle is newer than 2009+ (likely to have a non-wear related module problem)

The module may need additional repairs and identity coding (and online coding due to Microprocessor damage and identity loss). We may need other components of the vehicle to perform coding and inject identity back into the module from Audi online servers. or …

USE This Steering Lock J518 Replacement Kit / Repair Kit 4F0905852 

Vehicles Covered
2005-2011 Audi C6 A6/S6
2007-2015 Audi Q7


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