K+DCAN Interface FTDI OBD2 USB Cable for BMW E Series Coding

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K+DCAN Line FTDI OBD2 USB Cable for BMW E Series Coding & programming MHD, xHP, Motiv, Twisted Tuning, Wedge Performance & BimmerLabs

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K+DCAN Line FTDI OBD2 USB Cable for BMW E Series Coding on Windows

Compatible Software

  • MHD, xHP, Motiv, Twisted Tuning, Wedge Performance & BimmerLabs,
  • Code, Flash & Diagnose ALL E-Chassis-Flash F-Chassis Vehicles
  • Proven to flash modules other K+Dcans can’t such as -M3/M5/M6 DME (MSS6X) -E6x M5/M6 SMG (GDSMG3) -E9x GM Auto (GM1912)
  • Built-in button for double K-Line support (Button should be pushed in position: E46, E38, E39, etc), allows access to all BMW vehicles from 1996-2007 that function with the K-line interface.
  • Supports all BMW diagnostic software (Windows and Android native): INPA, ISTA, Rheingold, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, DIS, Progman, Carly for BMW, etc.

Vehicle compatibility

  • 1-Series – E81 up to 03/2007
  • 3-Series – E36 from 1996, E46, E90/E91/E92/E93 up to 03/2007
  • 5-Series – E39, E60/E61 up to 03/2007
  • 6-Series – E63/E64 up to 03/2007
  • 7-Series – E38, E65/E66/E67/E68 up to 03/2007
  • X3 – E83 up to 03/2007
  • X5 – E53, E70 up to 03/2007
  • Z-series – Z3: E36/E37/E38, Z4: E85/E86 up to 03/2007
  • BMW Motorbikes

Features to support

  • Full Dealer Level Diagnostics, Fault code Reading & Resetting,
  • Service Light Reset, Auto Identify your vehicle number, Chassis, ECU, etc,
  • Coding of New Battery to your BMW, Code / Program modules,
  • Forced DPF Regeneration, Read / Clear / Reset Air Bag Light Codes, Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes,
  • Apply Firmware & Software updates to your BMW, Read & Reset Engine Management Lights (EML),
  • Diagnostic on Individual Modules, Vanos Testing, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor checking,
  • Real-Time Diagnosis and Display Data, Full Diagnostics, Live Data Checking,
  • Creation of Test Plans for Repairs / Upgrades / Updates,
  • EWS DMW Synchronisation, Programming of Vehicle

Cable Hardware Features

  • OBD2 diagnostic tool compatible with all BMW vehicles from 1996-2007 that uses the original FTDI chip (FT232RL/RQ).
  • K-LINE INTERFACE: Utilizes the real double K-line with 7-8 bridged pins.
  • The USB device is OTG supported which makes it compatible with all Android devices. USB OTG adapter is not included.

Older 20pin vehicles(Optional)
E39 and up are fully supported as well – however, please be aware that you will need a suitable OBD2 to 20pin adapter cable that is not included with this Interface and must be purchased separately

E34/E36/E38 vehicles are only partially supported, you won’t be able to access all modules inside them, if you need full access to them please review our OBD/ADS Interface.


Q: I have an older BMW with OBD2 Connector (16 pin) which uses K-Line – will this Interface work?
A: Yes this interface will also work on older OBD2 BMW’s using K-Line, however, there is a cheaper option for you – please check our other auctions. Also make sure to download/open and read the Application note regarding the backward compatibility of older, K-Line equipped vehicles.

Q: I have a rather new BMW with OBD2 Connector which uses D-CAN can’t I use a simple (cheap) Interface?
A: No, you need an interface that supports D-CAN such as the one offered in this auction, there is no K-Line available in the new cars anymore so you will not be able to communicate with the car using a K-Line only based Interface.

Q: How does this Interface work?
A: It’s set up as an STD: OBD2 Interface and translates all commands/traffic to and from the D-CAN Bus.

Q: I have seen other auctions from other vendors for a higher / lower price, what’s the difference?
A: Usually the price and the quality – Since our Interfaces are assembled and tested to the highest quality standards, It’s up to you (the customer) to compare price, product, and terms and make your decision according to that.

Q: I have a very old BMW that has a 20pin OBD1 connector under the hood, can I use this interface?
A: Basically – yes, however you would need an OBD2 16pin female to OBD1 20pin adapter cable and certain cars would even require a real RS232 ADS Interface to gain access to all modules – given all that we do NOT recommend using this interface on OBD1 20 pin vehicles, please download/open and read the Application note regarding the backward compatibility of older, with K-Line equipped vehicles.


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