2021 Firmware Upgrade for Mini Cooper Flash Remote Programming

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Upgrading NBTevo ID4 old Software to new Software to enable ID5 ID6 CarPlay Full-Screen for the following NBTevo

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Mini Cooper firmware upgrade Mini flash upgrade to new 2021 graphics design​

BMW HU Firmware Check List
BMW HU Firmware Check List

Check your current iDrive version:
Select Navigation -> Select Options -> Select Settings -> Select Position & Version History -> Select Check Version

All you require is a Laptop, an Enet cable, smooth internet connection, and remote connection software.
Requirements :

  • Laptop – Windows 7 or 8 or 10 x64
  • Esys eg. 3.30 3.34 3.35 etc.
  • PsdzData Lite 2021_03
  • ENET OBD2 Cable
  • Windows C drive free space 20GB
  • Stable Power Multicharger (If your car battery condition is good enough, we can do it without it, but is recommended to have one. If not you will agree to do it at your own risk!!!)
  • Strong WiFi/Internet Connection – This ensures that our connection to your car and laptop is stable
    NO DHCP Enabled on the laptop
  • Teamviewer Remote Connection Software


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