Unichip NBT Wireless Apple CarPlay Retrofit Kit for BMW F series

Suggested Price: $499.00

Unichip NBT Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box :

  • Wired / wireless CarPlay
  • Wired AndroidAuto
  • USB HD Videos
  • Rear Camera with active guidelines
  • All future upgrades via USB, support a USB power supply for charging smartphones.

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The Unichip NBT (Next Big Thing) Carplay smart box will compatible work with OEM BMW NBT heard unit and the original screen display. for the installation, you have to dismantle the head unit and screen display but all is plug and play. Some highlights about this BMW NBT proxy Apple CarPlay kit:

  • It’s plug and play, no special coding nor activations demanded.
  • enjoy iDrive control, steering wheel buttons control when you’re driving
  • BMW original proxy OEM integration, free options to enjoy with RCA (aftermarket CVBS rear camera update)


  • Wired / wireless CarPlay
  • Wired AndroidAuto
  • USB HD Videos
  • Rear Camera with active guidelines
  • All future upgrades via USB, support a USB power supply for charging smartphones.

How to identify your BMW NBT Navigation?
Maps are easily upgradeable by swapping out the NavigationÊUSB database thumbÊand letting the car power down completely from standby.

Car Models to be supported
1-Series F20/F21 03/2013 Ð 03/2015
2-Series F22 11/2013 Ð 03/2015
3-Series F30/F31 11/2012 Ð 07/2015
3-Series F34 03/2013 Ð 07/2015
3-Series F80 03/2014 Ð 07/2015
4-Series F32 07/2013 Ð 07/2015
4-Series F33 11/2013 Ð 07/2015
4-Series F36 03/2014 Ð 07/2015
5-Series F07 07/2012 Ð present
5-Series F10/F11/F18 09/2012 Ð present
6-Series F06/F12/F13 03/2013 Ð present
7-Series F01/F02/F03 07/2012 Ð 06/2015
X3 F25 04/2013 Ð 03/2016
X4 F26 04/2014 Ð 03/2016
X5 F15 08/2014 Ð 07/2016
X5 F85 12/2014 Ð 07/2016
X6 F16 08/2014 Ð 07/2016
X6 F86 12/2014 Ð 07/2016
i3 09/2013 Ð present
i8 04/2014 Ð present
1-Series F20/F21 03/2015 Ð 06/2016
2-Series F22 03/2015 Ð 06/2016
2-Series F23 11/2014 Ð 06/2016
3-Series F30/F31/F34/F80 07/2015 Ð 06/2016
4-Series F32/F33/F36 07/2015 Ð 06/2016
6-Series F06/F12/F13 03/2013 Ð 06/2016
7-Series G11/G12/G13 07/2015 Ð 06/2016
X3 F25 03/2016 Ð 06/2016
X4 F26 03/2016 Ð 06/2016

How to Remove the BMW NBT Head Unit?
Before you remove your NBT head unit, in order to take it out you would need to:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal in your trunk
  • Remove the top and bottom pieces of the trim taking into account all the connections behind them (itÕs always better to use professional trim tools not to break any clips or leave scratches)
  • Remove the faceplate (secured by screws)
  • Unscrew the T20s that hold the head unit and gently pull them out
  • Carefully remove all the connections in the back of the head unit

Q: will this work with iPhone IOS12.x or future updated newer IOS?
A: Yes, definitely it will be with our continuous after-sales service support.

Q: How to update in the future?
A: all the upgrade files will be supplied by our Unichip Smart auto development team, upgrade via USB plug and play.

Q: will this work with Android mobile phones as well?
A: yes, wired Android Auto supported.

IMPORTANT: Before your determination to place the orders:
1. Unichip Smartauto is serving global wide, in case your NBT CarPlay have some bugs during the operation, we will help you to enhance the performance time and support you free of upgrade service via USB;
2. All the time you Must use an Apple-certified OEM USB cable to connect.
before you place the order, please feel free to send us a picture of your NBT system or simply send us your VIN (vehicle identification No.) for verification.


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