BMW FSC MGU ID7 CarPlay & Androidauto

OEM Official BMW FSC Apply and MGU ID7 CarPlay & Androidauto activation

Important: Before Start, We support BMW full series’ remote online coding and flashing jobs with BMW Esys with Enet cable or ICOM Next A. However all BMW codings you can also work with Esysplus4.0.2 or Esyspro if you know how. In addition for all BMW remote programming jobs we prefer to work with BMW Esys with the laest psdzdata. Before you’re applying for the BMW Coding and Flashing remote support, you’re well noted that we will charge per job remote support with PayPal secure online prepaid. No refunds available at any circumstances in regardless of your cloned tools, system softwares, used spare parts, wiring diagrams or internet connection issues.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please provide pictures of car system, error codes, error lights, spare parts changed, or OEM parts updated, or FSC status etc.

BMW Coding Flashing Service

Esysplus 4.0.2 Official Activation

Esysplus 4.0.2 Official Activation Online

BMW Esys Programming

BMW Esys programming flashing remote


BMW MGU ID7 FSC Apply Official Apply as per VIN

MGU ID7 CarPlay

BMW ID7 MGU Apple CarPlay Activation

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BMW Coding Flashing FAQs

Yes, For firmware upgrade, only be possible by using BMW Esys with the specific psdz database. 

Kind of but this tool currently only support MGU VIM Video in Motion unlock and Android Auto activation (demand OEM FSC 01CA0001).

Definitely Yes, the programming will be done by BMW Esys, we will charge per system flashing, and features activation like carplay and carplay fullscreen enable. 

Yes we support BMW HU EVO ID5, ID6 and ID7 system regional convert.
US -> EU
US -> CN
Many more …
Send us VIN for more queries. 

We will create your specific smartbimmer master account when payment arrived. The processing time will be 24-48hours.
To create online master accounts, need the following information:
Display name,
First name,
Last name,

Yes, it will. 
Smartbimmer Enet wifi adapter support BMW F G i series diagnostic with BMW ISTA D and coding and programming with Esys and Esysplus4.0.2

Not really. The BMW feature code works as below consequence:
1st time activate Carplay.
2nd time using the same code in the installer and will detect that my FSCs are installed and offer to restore to OEM.
3rd time and activate again. it’s smart for BMW original-like such a sequence. So it won’t affect any of the factory warranty. Furthermore, the codes we provided will be available to work with specific car VIN within one 1year, in case the head unit firmware upgraded by local dealers you can use the same code to activate the features again by utilising the same code when the codes we supplied haven’t been utilized and they will be valid as always.

Not really, However yes it’s possible by Esysplus 4.0.2. Please refer to the tab “Feature List”, BMW got hundreds of options that you can activate or deactivate, for most of the other hidden features to enable/disable, we will recommend you to use BMW Esysplus3.8.1


Not really. For BMW HU EVO ID5 and ID6 official can’t support to activate android auto, however it’s possible to install carplay smartbox to enjoy android auto. In addition, Android auto is available to apply for BMW MGU ID7 system. Send us VIN for free verification.