Release_Notes_BMW ISTA_Programming-P3.68_4.31

Release_Notes_BMW ISTA_Programming-P3.68_4.31

Release_Notes_BMW ISTA_Programming-P3.68_4.31

1 General notes(BMW ISTA need BMW ICOM NEXT connect to car)
With the launch of ISTA 4, the functionality for programming has been integrated in ISTA.
The following series can be dealt with using ISTA/P:
• E Series
The following series can be dealt with using ISTA 4:
• F, G and I Series
These Release Notes contain information for both programming systems.
The Release Notes list all known faults and faults that are currently still unresolved, with possible
workarounds which are important for the Retailer Organisation. Please contact Technical Support if
additional faults occur on the vehicle. In particular in the following cases:
• vehicle-related programming faults / encoding faults and activation faults
• functional faults on the vehicle
With ISTA 4, it is now also possible to send feedback relating to programming directly to BMW AG. Selecting
the “Feedback” symbol (envelope symbol) displays the feedback screen with input boxes.

2 Overview of the I levels contained
I levels newly added or updated in this ISTA version are marked in BOLD .

F, G, I series (ISTA 4)

I levels correspond to the ISTA Service Data version on the front page

E Series (ISTA/P)

The name of the I level indicates, if it

  1. is contained in the current ISTA release,
  2. was already contained in a previous ISTA release or
  3. will be provided in a future ISTA release.
    Series group e.g. F020 – year2017 -month (3, 7 or 11) -version (>= 500)

3 Innovations
The following interesting innovations are included, amongst others.
New models can be dealt with
Benefit: The new vehicles I20, G26, G42, G83 can be dealt with.
3.1 Innovations – Secure encoding
With the introduction of the I20 and subsequent models a new protection against tampering – the secure
encoding – is introduced.
To date, the encoding data for programming was calculated by ISTA and written into the control units.
For the secure encoding, the necessary encoding data is calculated in a BMW back end sent to ISTA. ISTA
writes the data into the control units.
Automatic process
This process can only take place automatically, with ISTA as part of programming, if the ISPI Admin Client is
correctly configured and there is an online connection to the BMW back end

Manual process
If the prerequisites for the automatic process are not met, ISTA automatically cancels the measures plan and
a file dialogue for saving the automatically generated file of type
SecureCodingNCDCalculationRequest_VIN_xxx.json is opened.
This file must be sent to Technical Support via PuMA/TSARA.
Technical Support provides a validated encoding data record based on the above-mentioned file. This must
then be imported into ISTA.

The encoding data record can be imported as follows:

  1. Change to the “Vehicle modification” tab and select “Secure coding”

Figure 1 Import encoding data record

  1. A file dialogue for importing the file (of type $ ) provided by Technical Support is
    opened. Confirm the selection.
  2. The file is checked. ISTA then automatically calculates a measures plan and changes to the “Measures
    plan” tab.
  3. Check the calculated measures plan and then execute it.

3.2 Innovations – Secure Token
With the introduction of the I20 and subsequent models the use of the secure token is expanded.
The secure token is a further development of the enabling codes.
In comparison to the enabling codes It offers, it offers the advantage of being controlled via the BMW
backend even without ISTA session.
This makes it possible for example to activate vehicle functions via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store.
Secure Tokens can be used for various applications.:
• Secure Feature Activation – for control of customer functions such as traffic sign recognition, etc.
• Locking Configuration Switch – for controlling control unit functions in case of a control unit exchange
• Component burglary protection – the extension of the component protection to further components and
control units in case of a control unit exchange
• Diagnosis – for activating control unit mode or functions
The secure token becomes relevant when an affected control unit is replaced.
As in the past, the software functions of a new part control unit will be adjusted to the vehicle by the
In future, some of the software functions will be protected by the Locking Configuration Switch.
Customer functions are activated by the Secure Feature Activation.
It is ensured by the component burglary protection that the function of the new part control units is provided
in the vehicle.
The secure token is requested by a BMW back end and written into the control units by ISTA.

Automatic process
This process is performed automatically by ISTA once the affected workshop systems (ISPI Admin Client)
are correctly configured and there is an online connection to the BMW back end.

Figure 2 Control unit exchange – after exchange
To do so, select the corresponding control unit in the “After Replacement” tab and then execute the
measures plan.

If the prerequisites for the automatic process are not met, the secure token must be imported with the
assistance of Technical Support.
The process is similar to the control unit validation


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