XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4 What’s new?


A significantly brighter 13-inch multitouch display with full-HD resolution.


Smaller, lighter and closed housing without a fan (passive cooling), which is thus protected against dust and spray water.

Important note: Due to the passive (fanless) cooling it is normal for the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 to become warm.


The XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 has four USB 3.0 type A connections and a USB type C connection on the left-hand side of the device.


Its technology comprises a 1 TB SSD hard disk, an Intel® CoreTM i5 processor, 16 GB memory and 2 fully fledged WLAN cards for a better connection to the VCI.

F2 F1


On the front you will find two configurable function buttons, whose function you can determine individually in

the ConfigAssist.

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