Explaining the Differences Between USB and Enet BMW Coding

BMW coding

Explaining the Differences Between USB and Enet Cable BMW Coding iDrive

Owning a BMW isn’t just about getting from point A to point B in luxury (though that’s a big plus), it’s also about a way of life. Although BMW manages to package a sleek and sexy package with tons of amazing features right off the factory floor, they, unfortunately, keep many more hidden features hidden away for the more affluent owners, but this is where we get to BMW coding.

What is the purpose of BMW coding, and what are the advantages?

The fundamentals: BMW coding is essentially a jailbreak for your BMW! You can unlock exciting new features or remove annoying features like disclaimers by changing the configurations of various modules in your car.
Here’s an interesting example: you could enable your BMW’s “video in motion” feature so that your passengers (but not you, the driver) can watch a movie while you’re driving around. You could also disable that ANNOYING disclaimer that appears every time you start your car. There are numerous examples of BMW coding features that would allow you to fine-tune your bimmer to how you want it rather than just keeping the factory floor configurations.
But, as with any other type of jailbreak, the elephant in the room remains… Is BMW iDrive coding going to void my warranty? Now for the kicker! This does NOT change any of the head unit’s core functions, nor does it add any new BMW functions. This isn’t some third-party modification part that you try to install yourself and end up breaking something. Our developers have fine-tuned a process that adds features as if they were factory-installed. iDrive coding simply allows you to gain access to features of your BMW that were previously hidden behind a paywall or restricted to your region.

What brands and models can be coded?

The more recent the model, the more options you have. The most important detail is the manufacturing date! But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the older the software that your iDrive is running, the fewer customization options you will have. Last but not least, keep in mind the factory preset of your BMW’s configuration. Check out our VIN CHECK feature for more information on the features available on your vehicle.

BMW Coding by Enet Cable (iLevel for F/G/I full series)

So, if you want to do some BMW F10 F30 coding or basically any other model upgrading, you’ll need a coding cable, which can be a laptop with an ethernet jack or a USB to RJ45 adapter. You will need specific coding software for BMW (specific to the makes and models) and a competent technician to unlock all the hidden features. As with many car modifications, you can always prepare to do it yourself or hire a professional.

What you needed for BMW coding?

The main distinction is that cable coding can be done for any module or the entire vehicle. The features you can add are less restricted, but professional knowledge is strongly advised, so if you do it yourself, please do some research!
bmw coding by obd2

BMW Coding via USB Drive (iLevel before 2018-11)

The alternative coding tool will save you the majority of the headaches caused by the previous tool. A standard thumb drive containing a file coded specifically for your vehicle. Simply insert the customized thumb drive into the port in your BMW’s center armrest or glovebox, follow some simple steps such as locking your doors and turning off the car, and your new features will be activated.
BMW USB Coding
BMW USB Coding
USB coding with a thumb drive is only for iDrive head unit features like VIM video in motion, Apple CarPlay, M Logo on Startup, Remove Legal Disclaimer, TPMS, M Sport Gauges, and others.

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