How to upgrade Porsche PIWIS 3 Tester by SD card

How to upgrade Porsche PIWIS 3 Tester by SD card 1.Need an SD card with upgrade file package(Porsche piwis computer keeps power connected,The software version of the SD card is higher than the currently used software) 2.If it is the correct SD card, you will be prompted that the SD card update is available;click “update”-”Install […]

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iOS14 CarPlay

iOS 14 CarPlay Update Included

iPhone 6s and later models are all getting the update to iOS 14. As far as CarPlay users are concerned, this new release brings three major improvements, and we’re going to detail them one at a time. First and foremost, it supports the iPhone to be used as a car key. BMW is the first […]

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Porsche piwis tester 40.0


ISTA4 VERSION AND I-LEVEL OVERVIEWISTA4 4.28.3xBMW, BMW i, MINI, Rolls-Royce Programming system F001 (F0x,RR4,RR5, RR6) F010 (F06,F1x) F020 (F2x,F3x,F80, F82,F83,F87) F025 (F15,F16,F25, F26,F85,F86) F056 (F39,F4x,F5x, F6x) S15A (G01,G02,G1x G3x,RR1x,RR31F90,F97,F98) G08 End4.17.3x I001 (I01,I12,I15) S15C (G08,G38) G08 From4.17.4x S18A (G05,G07,G14, G15,G20,G28,G29) RR21 (RR21,RR22) ISTA4version ServiceData 4.28.3x 4.28.32 F001-21-03-520_V4.0.1 F010-21-03-520_V4.0.0 F020-21-03-530_V4.5.0 F025-21-03-520_V4.2.0 F056-21-03-530_V4.0.1 S15A-21-03-535_V4.0.1 I001-21-03-530_V4.1.0 S15C-21-03-530_V4.1.0 S18A-21-03-536_V4.0.1 […]

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Mercedes Benz Xentry diagnosis tool XDOS 03/2021

Mercedes-Benz Xentry diagnosis tool XDOS 03/2021 This is the latest version. If you need online programming, you need to use the software authorized by the dealer and you need a Mercedes-Benz account.You also need to log in when diagnosing Mercedes-Benz cars。 […]

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New Trasdata ECU Tuning Tool

BMW Hardware Bench services

New Trasdata ECU Tuning ToolOriginal DME/DDE cloning or Used DME/DDE syncing to vehicleAUTOSVS offers DME or DDE cloning services in the event that your DME or DDE becomes inoperable. In most cases, the data can be recovered from the faulty DME as the flash data may still be accessible despite another component failure. All that […]

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PT3G VCI Kit Support Porsche Diagnostic Coding Progrmming Introduction

Function of Porsche VCI diagnostic interface pin     Klemme 15 nicht verbunden DoIP Rx+ Klemme 31 5.Klemme 31 6.CAN HS-H 7. K-Leitung 8.DoIP Activation / CAN LS-H Klopfsignal/ Blinkcode 9.CAN LS-L / Drehzahlsignal 10.nicht verbunden 11.DoIP Rx 12.DoIP Tx+ 13.DoIP Tx- 14.CAN HS-L 15.L-Leitung 16.Klemme 30 […]

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